My Devotional Tools

My daily Scripture/devotional time has really developed over the last 6 months. And since sharing more snapshots of it on social media, I've been getting some q's about what I've been using. My Bible.   I use the ESV Study Bible from Crossway. I love it because it has commentary on each page, tons of... Continue Reading →

2019 Intentions.

For the last half of 2018, I honestly felt like I was just coasting. Things weren't bad, but they weren't great. They just were. And I suppose there is nothing inadvertently wrong with that; the mundane isn't always a bad thing. But to be honest, nothing about my routine left me feeling replenished or refreshed.... Continue Reading →


2018. at first glance, it seemed like just another year. but after taking time to reflect, i realized that it's been a year of sweet family time, reunions with old friends, adventures with new friends, lots of professional growth, and plenty of God's grace. January the month of snowy days and the month i ended... Continue Reading →

Praying on the Treadmill

Anyone who knows me in my personal life knows that I have a longtime distaste for physical activity. The gym and I haven't exactly been friends, like ever. This, in part, has to due with my lack of normal coordination that most people seem to just magically have. But if I'm being real, the truth... Continue Reading →

Cut the Carbs in Idle Bread.

This is often my life on days when I don't have a structured routine. Laying on my bed, thinking about all of the things that 'need to' and 'should' get done, all while finding it incredibly challenging to muster up the desire or inspiration to start anything productive. Recently I've been thinking a lot about... Continue Reading →


2017. the year of a lot of external changes. my title changed from 'student' to 'occupational therapist'. my front door moved from Maine back to New Hampshire. my friendships shifted from everyday encounters to long distance phone calls. it was a year of ups and downs, of stresses and vacations, of surprises and expected routines.... Continue Reading →

Who Even Am I?

The summer after I graduated high school, I became part of my church's drama/theater ministry. It all started at Youth Camp when my friends and I made this goofy video about the Pastor that was played in front of the entire church the following Sunday night. What started out as just a funny joke turned... Continue Reading →

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