My Devotional Tools

My daily Scripture/devotional time has really developed over the last 6 months. And since sharing more snapshots of it on social media, I've been getting some q's about what I've been using. My Bible.   I use the ESV Study Bible from Crossway. I love it because it has commentary on each page, tons of... Continue Reading →

ABC’s of OT 2019 Recap

Assessments: When it comes to evaluating patients, no matter what setting you're in, standardized assessments are essential in painting a full picture of your patient's current medical and functional status. Every occupational therapist in every setting should ultimately be using at least one standardized assessment in their therapeutic evaluations. Balance: It’s no secret that good balance... Continue Reading →

ABC’s of OT: ZZZ’s (aka sleep hygiene)

Did you know that sleep is listed as an area of occupation? I personally am pretty happy about it; a good nap or a few extra hours during the night make me really happy! When working with the dementia population, sleep hygiene can become completely discombobulated. People often sleep all day and are awake all... Continue Reading →


We've already talked about how to address posture and positioning as it relates to identifying an appropriate seating system for our patients. So today we're talking about the different types of wheelchairs and walkers, and how to know which ones to use/prescribe to our patients. Let's start with the types of wheelchairs. Disclaimer: there are... Continue Reading →


Transfer training is a huge part of what we do in the SNF. The use of safe and appropriate body mechanics during all transfers is crucial for maximizing both patient and staff safety. The biggest rule of thumb when it comes to transfer training: use a gait belt. Sometimes people think that grabbing a patient... Continue Reading →

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