My Devotional Tools

My daily Scripture/devotional time has really developed over the last 6 months. And since sharing more snapshots of it on social media, I’ve been getting some q’s about what I’ve been using.

My Bible.



I use the ESV Study Bible from Crossway. I love it because it has commentary on each page, tons of maps, diagrams, illustrations, and tables/timelines, and an overview at the beginning of each book to better understand the context. The margins are somewhat small, so if you’re looking for a Bible to journal in, this might not be for you. But it is a great study Bible.


The tabs are from Find Wondrous Things.

My pens.


To write in my Bible (and my journal) I use the Pilot G2 in the 05 tip size. It is pretty inky, can sometimes smudge, and you can see it through the Bible pages, but I love how dark the ink is and how smooth it glides.



To make highlights, I’ve tried a couple of things. Like the Bible Dry Highlighters that come in a fancy re-tractable pen style. But recently I’ve just been using a plain Crayola crayon. I don’t color code, but the Bible Dry Highlighters (and of course standard crayons) come in enough colors to make color-coding simple.

My Journal.


I’ve used a couple of different journals, but recently my favorite has been the classic Moleskine journal. It is compact, ruled, and has a pocket in the back which I like to use to keep wallet-sized photos taken during the months that I used that journal.

My Reading Plan.


I’ve used the Youversion app for a long time. This is a totally free app that has TONS of reading plans and resources. The plan I’m currently working through is a Bible-in-a-Year plan created by The Bible Project. The devotional portions of the plan are illustrative videos that I have found to be incredibly helpful in understanding the background and context of each book.

The Youversion app has the full Bible in multiple translations, so to complete a plan all you need is an electronic device access to the internet. But I like to read my hard copy Bible and take handwritten notes. So when I work through the plan, I just click through the electronic Scripture passages to check them off for each day.

My Supplemental Materials.


In conjunction with the reading plan through Youversion, I’ve been using this year-long Bible study (divided into 2 books, Old and New Testament) by Zach Windahl entitled, The Bible Study. Along with further commentary and background information for each book, it has some really thought-out critical thinking and personal application questions to help internalize the text. Plus it is filled with awesome art and aesthetics.

P.S. If you want to try out the study before buying the books, you can access a digit version for free on the Youversion app.




Are you a Bible reader? I would love to hear about what you use during your Scripture/devotional times!

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