2019 Intentions.

For the last half of 2018, I honestly felt like I was just coasting. Things weren’t bad, but they weren’t great. They just were. And I suppose there is nothing inadvertently wrong with that; the mundane isn’t always a bad thing. But to be honest, nothing about my routine left me feeling replenished or refreshed. All I felt was tired.

For the first time in probably forever I set some actual, meaningful intentions for the year. Nothing crazy, just simple ways that I can be thoughtful and well, intentional about my daily routine in the year ahead.

Back when I started this blog, my main goal was to focus on spirituality in healthcare, specifically from the perspective of an occupational therapist (that’s me!). But as the year progressed and as the hours spent on my phone increased, I started to feel inferior. So I tried to make myself seem like the people I followed online, hoping that it would ignite my fire. Of course, that didn’t work. The more I tried, the more inferior I felt, and the more I drifted away from that original goal.

I spent too much time last year trying to make my career and testimony and ministry work out of my own strength rather than His. But one of the beautiful things about being in relation with God is that when we finally release our tight grip on our image or pride or standing, we suddenly become so deeply aware of and content with who we are (read: who He has created us to be). And in the last week alone God has showed me that when I surrender to His guidance and will, the more my natural and automatic actions and responses reflect the nature of a loving and powerful Savior who longs to redeem this broken world.

So for 2019 I’m going to be intentional; with my prayers, with my health, with my finances, with my work, with my relationships, with my ministry, with my family, and with the unscheduled hours of each day. And I’m going to pray that those intentions lead to big, bold movements for the Kingdom.

Lord, this year is for You.

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  1. Thank you so much! I guess my wording on this post is a little confusing – I just meant that when I say ‘who we are’ I mean ‘who He has created us to be’, there is no intended link


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