The Best Accounts to Follow when Studying for the NBCOT Exam.

If you saw my last post, then you know I used the TherapyEd course and textbook to prep for my NBCOT Exam. But I also found and used quite a few external resources that helped me SO MUCH when trying to break down and understand the plethora of information we need to know. These people and companies are ones that I genuinely found to be game changers in how I studied for the exam. So today we’re sharing the love!

OTMiri: Miri was one of the first accounts I discovered through my studying process. I remember posting an Instagram photo (actually the one shown above) of my study setup on Day 1, and she commented with a sweet note of encouragement and an invitation to explore her YouTube account. You guys, her teaching style and videos are so freakin helpful and I definitely utilized some of her techniques to jog my memory while sitting in the testing center. She has since expanded her online presence, and her website now includes some really useful tips, tricks, and resources to make studying a little less stressful.

OT Rex: Someone who I did not discover until recently, so unfortunately I was unable to use her videos in my exam prep. She has some great videos directly related to the NBCOT exam as well as videos all about life after NBCOT.

PasstheOT: I learned of this program through my OT friends, and while I didn’t love it as much as the TherapyEd system I still found it to be useful. You do have to pay for this one, but it comes with a plethora of easy to use handouts, audio lectures, and linked videos to better understand the material. The thing I didn’t love was the practice exams. I felt like the questions were not challenging enough when compared to the real exam. But the breakdown of information was incredibly helpful, especially in conjunction with the TherapyEd manual.

SeniorsFlourish Learning Lab: Mandy and her Learning Lab program is another accound that I didn’t discover until after I passed the NBCOT Exam. But since starting my career in a SNF, I have utilized her program and resources quite frequently. As a soon-to-be-OTR studying for the exam, you might not necessarily be interested in joining the Learning Lab right away (since there is a membership fee). BUT! You should definitely check out Mandy’s YouTube channel. She has some great videos that break down the basics of OT practice, as well as treatment ideas as related to diagnoses, which can get you thinking more about how certain diagnoses can impact function.

CrashCourse: This YouTube channel is not necessarily related to OT, but they have a handful of videos related to Psychology/Mental Health, and Anatomy & Physiology. I had quite a few of these videos on repeat, so you know they’re good!

Last but not least, you can always use direct NBCOT resources as well as the AOTA website to get more insight and info into the test taking process, general exam practice, and information on the Foundations of Occupational Therapy.

These accounts were/are my personal favorites. But I definitely recommend using as many resources as you can to get a good handle on certain topics and diagnoses. Even if the resources are not directly designed for OTs, it can be helpful to learn basic info from other general sources to get the foundational understanding of general diagnoses and conditions.

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